Communications Update – Must Read!

Email is a great invention but has its drawbacks and its security exposures. With all of the scams that are created and recycled everyday there is a constant threat for all of us. It may be as simple as a nuisance virus or tracking software that monitors your actions on your computer; to a Trojan that can infect your mail system and, in turn, everyone in your mailing list. There is never a wrong time to remind people to do the right thing. Heed these words; You typically cannot get infected merely by opening an email. Generally its a link, picture or attachment you click on within the email that does the damage. If you are not sure of the email source and it looks suspicious, avoid the temptation of clicking and you will do a tremendous job in protecting yourself and the others in your contact list.

One thing we will remind you of and this is a fairly common practice with all companies and organizations; We will never send you an email and ask you to send money (by any medium) to any organization other than WHEUPA, West High or TUSD. If you ever receive an email that asks you to do such, DO NOT CLICK any links or attachments and let us know ASAP before you take any other action. Its always best to confirm any suspicions you may have.