2018 WHEU Registration Packet TUSD Summer Enrichment Requirements

There has been a change in TUSD policy. It is not so much a departure of how things have been done in the past but a reinforcement of some common sense rules which protect us, our students and the school district.  For a variety of reasons which include, but are not limited to, insurance liability, student safety and accountability; all summer programs which require staff members present and occur on a school campus must be governed by the Summer Enrichment Program. The change to include all of the Torrance School’s marching bands into Summer Enrichment is very recent and required for all students participating in band. Here are the details from the West High School Vice Principal for applying to Summer Enrichment.

Download the 2018 Summer Enrichment Form (Due June 15). The dates on the first page do not apply to the band camp program and can be ignored.  On the second page, applicants must indicate that the “Class:” is “Band”, and the “Instructor” is “Mr. Banim”.

The fee is $100 per student.  If a student is already enrolled in another summer program (e.g. Cross Country, Academic Decathlon, etc.), then the fee is $90 and the applicant should include a note that they’ve already registered for another summer program.  Checks are to be made payable to either TUSD or West High School.  The fee and application need to be delivered to Julia Nakamoto in the business office at West High (just inside the main entrance to the administration building).  All fees are due by June 15, 2018

Some of you will recall that in the past the Entertainment Unit was part of the Summer Enrichment program and the fees for it came out of your contribution. When that was the case the Unit had more than 230 members and there was money in the budget to cover those costs. When the size of the unit decreased to the 180 odd members we have today, we were put in a position of having to increase the contribution to offset the $25,000 we were no longer collecting. Conveniently the Summer Enrichment costs went away in concert with the reduction in census and because of the timing we were able to avoid any increase in contribution fees. With the addition of the Summer Enrichment program this year and the lack of additional funds we are just not able to absorb the additional $100 per student out of this year’s contribution pool.

Registration Information for 2018-2019 Season

Below are forms and documents for your review, download and complete – plus an optional Volunteer Agreement. Selecting each form will open new browser/tab.

2018-2019 WHEU Information Packet: 

Information regarding mandatory summer Entertainment Unit Camp, fall rehearsals, competitions and football games, volunteer requirements, contributions, and a checklist to help keep track of all due dates.

Due June 15 – Parent/Student Information Form and WHEU Wear Order Form:

Please bring the two completed forms to the West Area Music Festival or put them in the WHEUPA box in Mr. Banim’s office.

Due June 15 – Contribution Forms 2018:

Please complete the contribution forms and turn in the forms and payments to the locked WHEUPA mailbox behind the door in Mr. Banim’s office by the dates detailed in the packet (or drop them at the West High front office in envelope addressed to Mr. Banim or bring to the meetings/event held at West High on the due dates). Note that WHEUPA makes various payments in June, July and August related to the fall competition season so timely contributions are necessary.

Due August 15 – Physical Form and West High Clearance Packet 2018:  

You must submit ALL forms in the West High Clearance Packet online in order for your student to participate in the program. You can proceed to this link to complete the Clearance Packet:

 The West High Clearance Packet requires a doctor’s physical and medical insurance. The 2016-17 WHEU Information Packet has details about the medical insurance. Please have your student bring in their completed physical form to Entertainment Unit Camp, August 15th. Without the Physical Form your student won’t be able to participate in camp or in the field show at football games.  If you are participating in a fall sport, make a copy of the Physical Form. Submit one copy to the school office and one copy to the WHEUPA box in Mr. Banim’s office. Thank you!

Schedule an appointment for a physical as soon as possible  – note that the Physical Form requires a parent signature, doctor’s stamp and must be dated June 23, 2016 or later in order to cover your student for the entire 2016-17 school year. Signed Physical forms are due by August 11th. 

West High School will be providing physicals on 6/23 and 6/24 from 9am-3pm for $10. Get them done early!

Due August 15 – TUSD Volunteer Agreement and TB Assessment (optional).  These forms are required for any parents planning to chaperone or drive equipment vehicles. 

If you have any questions, contact:

Lee Armstrong, WHEUPA President

Vince Banim, Director