Photos & Videos

See Photos & Videos of our students in action!

During the year, our students, parents, and volunteers photograph and video tape many of our performances to share with our friends, families,  and fellow students.  To view these photographs and videos, simply click the links below to enjoy.

Note: By clicking these links you may be redirected to sites away from the WHEU web site.

black-video-camera-icon-5VIDEOS: Check out our latest videos online:
thefullreflexcamera_slr_camera_4626PHOTOGRAPHY: See our latest photos on Flicker:
We welcome contributions of photos and video of WHEU students

If you have a photo or video link to share, please contact the WHEUPA webmaster to arrange for delivery so we can include your photos and videos on our web site.  Thank you for any contributions you would like to share.

Email our webmaster (Juanita Perea) at:

Please note that any contributions to WHEU of photos or video will be available for public viewing. By providing your contributions, all media items will not be under copyright control which means any item can be copied and used by anyone on the Internet. Also any media items may be included in our End Of Year video provided to WHEU Seniors and available for sale. Revenue generated from our annual DVD sales will be considered donations to WHEU. We thank you for your support of the Entertainment Unit and your contributions.