Color Guard

Learn more about Color Guard by watching the promo video.

Color Guard involves both dancing and spinning/tossing a piece of equipment- either a flag, rifle, or sabre. Tryouts usually take place in early May and practices start soon after making the team, continue throughout Summer, and of course all throughout the school year. Additionally, this activity is a class period which is currently 5th period.

Flag Rifle Sabre
flag rifle sabre

During the Fall (1st semester), the color guard performs as the auxiliary component of the marching band during football game halftime shows and competitions on Saturdays.

During the Winter (2nd semester), the color guard performs indoors and independently of the band. For this season, a routine is choreographed to a song of the coach’s choice and we portray a new story, also of the coach’s choice. For this season, there are also several Saturday competitions.

Practice Schedule

Fall-Monday nights from 5-9pm.
Winter- Mondays and Wednesdays from 5-9pm.

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Coach: TJ Jefferson

Here are a few pictures of the 2015-2016 team having fun in-between/after all the hard work! Click on each image to enlarge. Enjoy!