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What is WHEU? We are the West High Entertainment Unit – West High School in Torrance, California. Home of The Warriors. Thanks for stopping by. This is where parents and students will find the latest information related to the Entertainment Unit. Want to know more about WHEU? Visit our About WHEU page.

Current Events and News

Revised 2014-2015 Calendar Updates

A revised calendar of events for the 2014-2015 school year is now available from our downloads page by clicking here. The WHEU web calendar has also been updated to include all date additions and changes. The online web calendar also has a new feature where you can add events directly to your smart phone or tablet calendar using iCAL. Just visit the calendar and update the entire months events to your phone or you can select individual events by day with iCAL or Google Calendar.

Attention Unit Parents and Students: Paperwork Due

1.    Past Due: Contribution #2.  WHEU wear form, mandatory for new marching band members, optional for all others.

2.    Due July 23rd: WHEU track suit and hoodie order (optional for all)

3.     Due August 16th: TUSD Clearance packet, with current physical; TUSD transportation contribution; WHEU Contribution #3. Please note that since we perform during the entire school year the physical form must be dated June 20, 2014 or later. There are local clinics like Ocean Medical in Redondo Beach or Accesa Health in Torrance where you can obtain inexpensive school physicals outside your medical insurance.  Note, our reference to these clinics is not and should not be construed to be an endorsement by WHEUPA of that provider or of any other provider.  The school district requires you to have medical insurance for your student in order for them to participate.  The school district offers inexpensive insurance through Myers-Stevens and flyers are available in the school office.

Spare Hangers Needed

If you have any wire hangers (plain or pant) please drop them off in the box in the band room. No plastic hangers please.

Do you enjoy planning a party?  

WHEUPA is looking for a concession chair (or two).  Concessions are a major source of revenue for WHEUPA.  Lots of help will be provided. Please contact wheupa@gmail.com to learn more.

Have you signed up for Just Between Friends yet?

To receive emails from WHEUPA regarding schedules and information you must register as follows:

1.    Go to www.justbetweenfriends.com
2.    Click on Accept your Group Invite
3.     “Did you receive an invitation code from a group leader?”   Click yes
4.    “Please enter the group invitation code”   Enter   whsentertainment
5.    Continue to follow directions given.


The following statement was provided by Just Between Friends regarding Maintenance of their website, underway from July 21 through July 31

“As Just Between Friends marches towards our next phase, you’ll see some occasional changes and short term issues.  Some of them will affect users in your community. From July 21 through July 31, you and your users may see some messages related to site security and asking whether they want to proceed.  The site and our servers will remain secure during that time period, but when the user sees one of these messages, the data being sent between the user’s computer and the computers at Just Between Friends will not be encrypted while in transit.  

For most uses, that’s not an issue; so clicking to continue will allow normal use of the system. However, unencrypted data can be sniffed while in transit.  So we recommend that in any session in which a user sees one of these messages, that the user should not send credit card data.  While the chances of theft in this manner are still not high, they are higher than normal; and we would not put our own credit card data online under such conditions. As a group leader, this would suggest that if you are going to start a campaign that requires credit cards to be used, that you start that campaign after we have given you the all-clear near the end of the month. Other than credit card purchases, this situation should not have any significant effect. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience during this period.”

WHEUPA does not use the Just Between Friends for credit card transactions.  Attachments sent via Just Between Friends messages will also be posted here on the WHEU web site.

2014 South Bay Invitational School Registration

The 2014 South Bay Invitational registration forms and details are available from our download page by clicking here. For schools planning on attending, please download the forms and submit to the West High School band director. We look forward to seeing many schools perform at this exciting annual event.

July General Meeting Follow-Up

Thank YOU to all the parents who were able to attend the July general meeting to learn more about WHEUPA, WHEU and the upcoming Entertainment Unit season. You can download the WHEUPA July 2014 General Meeting slide presentation seen at the meeting. Remember, we need YOU to help make this next season successful so any amount of time no matter how little or as much as you can contribute to support our students will be GREATLY appreciated. Don’t worry if you are unsure of what support you can provide. We will guide you through the various services along the way. Remember, the STUDENTS need your encouragement and support throughout the season. Thanks for all you do.

Scrip = $$$ Towards Your Students Account

Rebates earned through the Scrip program are credited to your student’s account and can be used to pay for any WHEUPA expenses such as the upcoming banquet or fall contributions. Several families have earned enough this year to cover next year’s fall fees.

If you haven’t signed up for PrestoPay, now might be the time to reconsider. With PrestoPay you can reload cards and purchase ScripNow any time you want and print it at home in minutes. If you have any question about our Scrip program or PrestoPay, you can find detailed explanations on the Scrip web page by clicking here or contact Brenda Lemley at wheupascrip@yahoo.com.

Scrip is an optional WHEUPA fundraiser.  Net proceeds from a family’s order are credited to that student’s account. Thank you for your support to West High Entertainment Unit!

Visit our Multimedia page for WHEU Photos and Videos

WHEU has photo galleries of past and present contributions of our students in action.  We invite anyone who has photos and videos of our students to contribute to the gallery so we can share. Visit the WHEU Multimedia page for links and contribution details and share with your family and friends around the world so they can enjoy our student performances.