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whsheadressWhat is WHEU? We are the West High Entertainment Unit – West High School in Torrance, California. Home of The Warriors. Thanks for stopping by. This is where parents and students will find the latest information related to the Entertainment Unit. Want to know more about WHEU? Visit our About WHEU page.

WHEU 2014 Group Photo

Current Events and News

Armed Forces Day Parade Practice Information

WHEU will march in the Torrance Armed Forces Day Parade, Saturday, May 16.  Practice and event schedule are on the Event Calendar.

STUDENTS – WASH YOUR UNIFORM PRIOR TO SATURDAY. Be sure your entire uniform is clean, including gloves and socks.  Replacement socks and gloves are available at $5/pair.  Students may wear a short-sleeved t-shirt under their uniform instead of the long-sleeved brown WHEU shirt, but NOT sleeveless shirts.  See the following text, or the WHEU website, for uniform care instructions. 

• Wash separately in cold water on the gentle/knit cycle.
• Do not wash jacket and pants together because of possible color transfer.
• Pants should be zipped up before washing.
• Do not take out the safety pins from top of shoulder straps.
• Use only non-chlorine detergent!
• Do not use fabric softener.
• Dry pants completely on a low heat setting, before storing to prevent mold and mildew.
• Press hem if needed: place a clean dish towel or pressing cloth over hem (line up seams), press on lowest steam setting, raising temperature slightly as needed. Avoid pressing the snaps. Place pants on provided hanger immediately after pressing.
• Do not dry clean.
• Wash separately in cold water on the gentle/knit cycle.
• Close Velcro completely before washing, line it up so that no Velcro is exposed.
• Remove the gold baldric prior to washing.  Close the Velcro on the jacket completely prior to washing.
• Unsnap sleeves (remember where they were snapped) and use a non-bleach stain remover (i.e., Shout/Spray-n-Wash) on cuffs.
• Use a non-bleach stain remover on all spots and stains.
• Do not use fabric softener.
• Dry jacket completely, on a low heat setting. Place jacket on provided hanger immediately after drying.
• Re-snap and press sleeve hem if needed: place a clean dish towel or pressing cloth over sleeve (line up seams), press on lowest steam setting, raising temperature slightly as needed.
• Do not dry clean.
• Do not dry clean, machine wash or use the dryer – it will ruin the vest!
• If necessary, vest may be hand-washed and dried.

Make Space For Next Years Field Show

The New WorldClick Here to view more images of The NEW WORLD

Fall Registration for the WHEU 2015-2016 Is Due

Fall 2015 Registration is due 5/19.  Submit the Parent/Student Information Form, WHEU Wear Order Form and contribution #1 by this date.  Submit to WHEUPA mailbox in Mr. Banim’s office, West High front office, or bring to the West Area Music Festival. 

Be sure to download, complete and submit by required dates the registration documents for all incoming WHEU students for the upcoming school season. Click Here to view the Registration web page for complete details.

WHEU Awards Banquet – June 1, 2015

Join in a celebration of the 2014-2015 WHEU season.  The annual WHEU Awards Banquet will be held Monday, June 1st at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center Toyota Room.  The event begins at 6:00pm.  Dinner will be catered by Lomeli’s Italian Restaurant.  Price is $20/person. The following school day is collaboration schedule. Mr. Banim promises no zero period practice the next day as long as everyone has a fun time!

Download the WHEU Awards Banquet Flyer 2015  and submt by May 15 to RSVP for this event.  The WHEU Year in Review DVD will be available for sale at the event for $5.  If you plan to purchase a DVD, please indicate this on the order form so that enough copies are made.  DVD’s will be sold on a first-come basis at the dinner.  Seniors receive a complimentary DVD.

We look forward to celebrating with you!  Thank you for your incredible support to West High Entertainment Unit.

Fall 2015 Band Camp Information

To participate in the fall competition season, students must attend band camp.  During camp, students will learn the marching and music for the fall field show.  Attendance at camp is MANDATORY unless prior arrangements are made with Mr. Banim.  Camp will be held from August 17th – September 8th this year.  The dates will be as follows:

  • August 17, 18: New member band, color guard and percussion students; all WHEU leaders; Practice schedule to be announced
  • August 19-21: All band, color guard, percussion; Practice schedule to be announced
  • August 22: All band, color guard, percussion members; 1-8pm; Student/family BBQ and WHEUPA general meeting beginning at 5:30pm
  • August 24 – 28: All band, color guard, percussion; Practice schedule to be announced
  • August 31 – September 3: All band, color guard, percussion; Practice schedule to be announced
  • September 8: All band, color guard, percussion; 6-9pm

There will not be any marching practice between the last day of school and August 17th.

Graduation Leis – A West High Tradition

Handmade ribbon, kukui nut and candy leis are available for sale. Submit an order now by downloading the WHEUPA 2015 Leis Order Form to request your lei. Orders are due by Wednesday, May 20. Or you can purchase a beautiful lei at the West Area Music Festival (5/19), Baccalaureate (6/13), or Graduation (6/17). Ribbon leis are available in wide variety of colors including West High, local universities, Bert Lynn and Jefferson colors. Orders may be placed for custom leis as well.

Avoid the crowds – place an order today. Orders will be available for pick-up at Baccalaureate or Graduation.

Videos and Photos of WHEU In Action

The Gallery has photos of past and present contributions of our students in action.  We invite anyone who has photos and videos of our students to contribute to the gallery so we can share. Visit the WHEU Multimedia page for links and contribution details and share with your family and friends around the world so they can enjoy our student performances. A big “THANK YOU” to all who have contributed photos and videos so we can share with our students and family.

Scrip Can Pay Your Student

Scrip is an excellent opportunity to  help pay for your student’s future WHEU expenses, such as the annual Spring Banquet or Fall contribution costs. Its easy and NO ADDITIONAL cost to you. Just purchase Scrip, then go shopping at your favorite stores and redeem Scrip like cash at face value. The Scrip rebate value will be debited to your students account. It really is that simple! The more you spend, the more your students account can earn. Some families can completely pay their annual contribution fees each year just by using Scrip. Its almost like free money!

There are 100’s of stores offering rebates. If you haven’t signed up for PrestoPay now might be the time to reconsider. With PrestoPay you can reload cards and purchase ScripNow any time and print it at home in minutes. Scrip can be ordered by logging into your account at http://www.shopwithscrip.com/  If you have received confirmation from Emi Blasman that your PrestoPay account has been activated, please choose that as your payment option.

You can find out more about the Scrip program by clicking here or contacting Emi Blasman at wheupascrip@yahoo.com.  Scrip is an optional WHEUPA fundraiser.  Net proceeds from a family’s order are credited to that student’s account. Thank you for your support to West High Entertainment Unit.